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        Enamel Wire Paints 
        Ethyl Acetate
        Other name: Acetic ester
        CAS number: 141-78-6
        Product standard: GB/T 3728-2007
        Annual capacity: 100,000 tons/year
        Structural skeleton symbol: CH3COOCH2CH3
        Molecular weight: 88.11
        Boiling point: 77°C
        Flash point: -4.4°C
        Technical requirements
        Measuring items Technical Index
        Appearance Clear liquid, free of any suspended impurities
        Acetic ester, w/% 99.7
        Ethanol, w/% 0.10
        Moisture,w/% 0.05
        Acides (calculated as acetic acid), w/% 0.004
        Chrominance /Hazen unit (Pt-Co color number) 10
        Density,(20℃),(g/cm3 0.897~0.902
        Package type

        Bulk package, to be transported by the tank vehicles. It may also be packed in steel drums according to requirements of customers.


        1. Industrial solvents: used in such products as paints, adhesives, ethyl cellulose, artificial leather, felt coloring agent, and artificial fibers.

        2. Adhesives: used in production of printing ink, artificial pearls; used as an extractant in the production of medical products and organic acids.

        3. Raw material of spices: used as the main raw material for such fruit essences as pineapple, banana, and strawberry, and such spices for whiskey and cream. It may be used in manufacturing spices, and also used as spices for blending of white wines, and as artificial essences.

        4. Extractant: extracting various compounds from water solution (phosphorus, tungsten, arsenic and cobalt).

        5. Organic solvent: used as the reference matter for calibrating hydro thermograph when separating carbohydrate.

        6. It may also be used as the cleaning agent for textile industry and an extractant for natural spices. It is also an important raw material for pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and organic compounding.

        7. It is certified by GB2760 - 96 as an allowable food spice. It is mainly used for aroma enhancement, deastringency of persimmon, producing grains or tablets of spices, or used as ingredients for vinegar production.

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